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I'm not a dog really... I've been in graphic design and marketing for 27 years and as a freelancer for the past 17 years – helping large companies and start-ups with their marketing requirements, and supporting graphic design agencies all over the UK.

The majority of my work is done from my studio at home, but I do like to work in-house for some local agencies when they need graphic design support – bookings for agencies vary from 1 day to 6 months. Local clients tend to book me to come in 1 day a week or so, to help out with their marketing.

I'm located between Nottingham and Derby, although I do work quite a bit in Leicestershire, Chesterfield and Sheffield. Outside of these areas, work is predominately carried out from my studio through calls and emails.

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Who am I

I fell in love with the graphic design and marketing industry at 17 years of age, and I loved working with the highly skilled people around me, and soaking up all their knowledge and experience.

After spending 10 years as an employee, I felt I needed to further my skills outside of packaging design and marketing. So for the past 17 years I've been a freelance graphic designer, working with hundreds of different designers and marketers at over sixty agencies and companies in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Sheffield. This has been an incredible opportunity to develop a broad range of graphic design skills and marketing knowledge. From simple adverts to full colour brochures, web banners to ecommerce websites.

Whenever I have a spare day or two, I ensure that I maintain a professional approach to my time, and allow myself the opportunity to explore concepts for possible new products. I run a few ecommerce sites for the products I have developed, and keep the interest present through social media.

I'm a dad of three beautiful children, so when I'm not dad the taxi driver. I like to relax down the wood and coach new archers – field archery, or have some fun and shoot with friends.

What I do

As I help companies with their marketing, and agencies with graphic design support, although the work is related, they are completely different. So I'll break this into two areas – one for agencies and the other for clients, or it could get a little confusing!

Agencies – I'm classed as a solid all-rounder, or a creative artworker and retoucher. So I'm best when I'm working with creatives and account handlers, I can take anything from a simple scamp and get the ball rolling into artwork stage, right through to final artwork ready for print. Or digital requirements like animated gif banners or simple flash banners. I can do front end websites like this one or ecommerce using CMS systems like shopify if needed.

Clients – I have over 27 years of marketing experience. Some companies have me in 1 day a week or so, to help with marketing, other companies who already have a marketing manager, get me in to support them as a graphic design based marketing assistant. I like both roles, but I do enjoy the challenge of being both creative and analytical.

So if you need someone to pop in 1 day a week or more, to help out with your marketing, or graphic design requirements... maybe I could help?


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